OxyGen slideshow 16 July 2016 00:49

Extends the built in slideshow with navigation controls.

O2xyGen Slideshow 1.1

Adds a shortcode to embed slideshows with next, previous and play/pause controls in essays or pages.

OxyGen Slideshow preview

Latest version can be downloaded from the Koken Community Support forum.



  • Unciqe slideshows:
    Each slideshow is given a unciqe id so you can controll every slideshow independly from each others.
  • Built in slideshow controls:
    Slideshows displays navigation buttons
  • Navigation automaticly goes away when the visitor watching the slideshow, and apears again as soon as the mouse moves.
  • Titles & captions:
    Every images title and caption is displayed beautifully benif the Slideshows.
  • Using themes CSS styles:
    So you only need to style the buttons to your liking.
  • Totaly integrated with O2xyGen
    O2xyGen users just need to enable the plugin and start inserting slideshows, the custom navigation buttons is already styled and ready to use.


No plugin settings available
Users of O2xyGen will have a section in the theme settings panel to turn of/on title and captions.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload the "OxyGen-slideshow" folder to your plugin dir
  3. Enable the plugin
    (Koken admin->Settings->Plugins->OxyGen Slideshow->Enable)
  4. And your all set to go


Inserting slideshows

When in text in your Koken admin area, and when editing an essay or page, click on the "Begin typing, paste a url or click here to insert media or code".
Insert OxyGen Slideshow
(Further reading here)

Editing slideshows

Each slideshow can have there own settings via the slideshow settings panel in Admin->Site->Slidehow gear icon.

OxyGen Slideshow gear icon

Styling navigation buttons

O2xyGen has these CSS rules built in.

Main container

  • k-content-embed .og-slideshow

Navigation buttons

  • .og-slideshow .sldshw-prev
  • .og-slideshow .sldshw-play
  • .og-slideshow .sldshw-next

and their container's CSS selectors

  • .og-slideshow ul .nav-content li

Style the image titles and captions using their CSS selectors

  • .og-slideshow .k-content-title
  • .og-slideshow .k-content-caption

and their container's CSS selectors

  • .og-slideshow .k-content-text


Support for the plugin can be found here


Latest version can be downloaded from the Koken Community Support forum.


As seen under the "Intruduction" tab or on our demo site...


As always support and bug reports are handled through the Koken Community Support forum.
Bugs can also be reported via the GitHub Issue tracker.

Source code

Source code for O2xyGen Slideshow can be found on GitHub.

Bjarne Varöystrand