BackStage, a Koken theme 4 September 2017 14:51

BackStage 1.0.0

BackStage Default LogoBackStage Is a magazine style theme that displays all your Koken content -- albums, sets, images, pages and essays -- and features a wide array of layout and style controls. BackStage has everything you need to present your work and words online.

BackStage is built for all concert, festival and event photographers as well as for the story telling photographers that want a no fuzz layout so you can concentrate on the asset that is important: your content.

BackStage is the Koken theme for any event and the story telling/blogging photographers that wants a a no fuzz layout so they can concentrate on the asset that is important: the content.

At first it seams as a very simple theme, but when you start using it, you will discover that BackStage is one of the most customizable themes there is, and you can tailor it exactly how you want it to display and work


Below you find a excerpt of sites that showcase BackStage in various user cases.

You can always see the latest version running at

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Bjarne Varöystrand