Get a free copy of OxyGen3!

Summer giveaway!

We are currently giving away three lifetime licenses for OxyGen3!
All you have to do is to find the easter egg/hidden feature that is hidden inside the theme: and tell us how to activate it.

If and when you find it, reply to this thread, (don’t give the answer away!) then send me a PM with your guess!
That is all one needs to get the most up-to-date, powerful and beautiful Koken theme out there!

You can use either varoystrand.se or our demo site to find the answer: both these sites are running the latest version of OxyGen.


This offer/sweepstake is only valid for new installations of OxyGen.
So if you already own a valid license you can not take part.

All answers must be sent to oxygen[a]kokensupport.com or as a PM to me.

The first three that come in with the correct answers will get a free domain license.

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