Andy Lerner | Relaunched

Andy Lerner is a photographer and film director residing in southern California. Andy travels extensively in the South Pacific, Asia and Africa in pursuit of his underwater, wildlife & travel photography.

He already had a great design for he's site, but He reached out to me and asked if I was able to refine the whole site even further. Plus making it easier to maintain, and I did.
A completely stock regale 2 that is customized in a modular way, so Andy can keep both the theme as well as the core up-to-date without worrying about messing up anything.
And still containing customized part that makes andylernerphoto.com standout from other Koken sites.

The site uses Koken as the CMS and a standard Regale2 theme together with a customized Lightbox lens.
Most of the customization is done via a extra .CSS and JavaScript that is included via the HTML injector plugin from Koken.
This approach lets us do some magic with the theme it self: without touching it!

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