Invitation to a closed BETA test of OxyGen v3

We are now closing in on a public release of the upcoming OxyGen v3, but need help to find the last quirks and bugs.
We believe that the current code base is stable and safe to be run in public: without any big concerns.

If you are already running OxyGen, any version, then this should be for you!
v3 will fix several of the bugs/quirks found in 2.1.6 plus also add some exciting new features... ;)

If you are interested, and bold enough, in running the absolute latest version on your site: either solely in preview mode or as your live theme: please head over to your group tab and ask for access to the OxyGen QA Team.

Each application will have to be accompanied with a PM that contains:

  • The url of your site
  • How experienced you are with Koken
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • Expert
    • Developer
  • The set up you are running Koken on
    • Koken version
    • PHP version
    • Webserver software
    • Image processing
    • Memory limit
    (The above info can be obtained in Admin->Settings->System)

    Failure to provide any of the above will result in denial to participate in the BETA test, you will also be required to "sign"/comply to our "Non Disclosure Agreement/NDA" as you enter the BETA test.

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