Open letter to the Koken team

Are you abandoning your users?

Dear Koken team,

I am one of the people who your team has seemed to have abandoned. A loyal user and a fan!
By now, everyone who uses Koken, knows that it is for sale, and that the team is moving on with life.
And I honestly don’t have a problem with either of those things, regardless of what is behind it al.
What I do have a problem with, is that you have seemingly decided to ditch everything concerning support for your user base!
Even for people who have and are STILL buying themes and plugins!

Open LetterOpen letter to the Koken.me team

Come on guys!

If support has halted for currently sold items, then it would stand to reason that said items should either not be sold, or should be given away freely. Otherwise, it just seems greedy and inappropriate otherwise.
When someone buys an item, regardless of what it is or where they got it, they also count on getting support for the product they JUST bought...
After that, you should also consider making the forum "read-only". At least until you have sold the platform.
I personally know Koken users who have bought themes, and have tried to get a response from your team when encountering problems, but those efforts were futile.
Instead, they have turned to the unofficial Koken Community Support website, where we attempt to give what you're not able to: Support.

I realize this sounds harsh, and perhaps rightly so.

Since my first day as a Koken user, I have always promoted it to others looking for a CMS, because I find it to be an excellent piece of software.
Also, I have personally stood up for and have defended your absence, as well as your seemingly intermittent lack of support.
I have spent a lot of time here at help.koken.me, trying to help out the best way I know how and have even started up an unofficial, community driven support forum.
Not once have I heard a thing from any of you!
I’m not saying that it is absolutely necessary, but I think it's worth mentioning since what it feels like is: “Screw our users, get em' for some $$ so long as they are dumb enough to buy stuff!!!
As I’ve said, even to MY ears, that sounds harsh, but then… according to your loyal users, so are your actions, so…

All of that being said, there are solutions to be found. One possible solution, as previously stated, would be to make the official forums "read-only”, and then link people to the Koken Community Support - http://kokensupport.varoystrand.se/ instead.
I know this sounds like self promotion, but I am saying this with the users in mind. In fact, one of said users is actually proof reading and editing this letter right now! *Hi!* He also really likes the software a lot and has volunteered as such, because he believes in the power of community support.
Making the Koken Community Support officially recognized would raise your stock in the eyes of the users; and give newcomers a fair chance at getting answers to simple questions as well as more complicated solutions. It’s a win-win for all.

Unfortunately I feel skeptical that this will happen, or that this letter will be answered by either Todd or Brad. This is from personal experience, but would love to have you guys prove me wrong!

Best regards
Bjarne Varöystrand
Koken Community Support - http://kokensupport.com/

The above was originally posted at the Koken Community Support.

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