OxyGen, a Koken theme 8 July, 2016 23:26

O2xyGen 3.1.2

Pay With Paypal Verified Secure Payments O2xyGen is a Koken theme for artists and writers.

We need it to live, breath and function. This colorless, odorless, tasteless gas is the third most abundant element in the universe next to hydrogen and helium. It changes everything it touches. It forms compounds with almost everything it comes into contact with and creates something new.

Most molecules in living organisms –carbohydrates, fats, proteins–contain O2xyGen. They release energy in your body.

O2xyGen will breath new life to your Koken site!

O2xyGen is a fully responsive theme for your Koken site, ensuring that you give your visitors the best experience of your content.

O2xyGen is built for both artist and writers alike giving you the most flexibility so you can concentrate on the asset that is important: your content.


You can always see the latest version running at varoystrand.se
The site is in Swedish but you'll be able to get a grasp of how the theme is working and looking.

A german version can be see over at bay3r.de

A "real" test page can be found at kokensupport.com.

 Bjarne Varöystrand