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O2xyGen 3.0.8

Pay With Paypal Verified Secure Payments O2xyGen is a Koken theme for artists and writers.

We need it to live, breath and function. This colorless, odorless, tasteless gas is the third most abundant element in the universe next to hydrogen and helium. It changes everything it touches. It forms compounds with almost everything it comes into contact with and creates something new.

Most molecules in living organisms –carbohydrates, fats, proteins–contain O2xyGen. They release energy in your body.


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O2xyGen will breath new life to your Koken site!

O2xyGen is a fully responsive theme for your Koken site, ensuring that you give your visitors the best experience of your content.

O2xyGen is built for both artist and writers alike giving you the most flexibility so you can concentrate on the asset that is important: your content.


Logo/Site title options

O2xyGen is custom header logo ready: as "all" other Koken themes. But we added a small twist to it!

You now have three different logo/site title options to choose from!

  • Site title
  • Custom logo
  • A combination of the above

The combination option gives you a custom logo on index, and then when you enter your site we switch to "Site title" format: with a smaller logo placed inline in front of the site title.


O2xyGen comes shipped with three! different menu option that you can choose from the settings pane.

They are:

  • The regular menu collapsed *
  • The traditional top menu
  • The slide in menu that slides in either from the left or right side of the screen

Essays and Pages

Essay & pages headers

In essays and pages there are a banner image on top, it takes the value of the featured image in that particular page/essay.
This can be enabled/disabled.

Width of Essays and Pages

You determan what is your ideal width of the text columns.

Default is a max-width of 750px.


Estimated reading time

We try to calculate the time it will take to read each essay, this function is heavily inspired of the "reading time seen on medium.com, so the visitor gets a grasp on what whats he's in for."

Essay aside

Together with your essay you have the option to enable a sidebar that presents related content, each section can be enabled at your will.

Sections available are:

  • Topics: that list the albums that is connected to the essay.
  • Categories: Show each assaigned category.
  • Tags: Show each assaigned tag.
  • Featured Essay/s: Show your featured essays for easy access.
  • Essays pagination: Showing the next and previous essays, together with a link directly back to the essays.
  • Twitter timeline: Show the last tweets from your Twitter timeline, and give your visitors ability to tweet directly to you.
  • Month select: Let your visitors quickly sort out content via the timeline.

Essay pagination

At the bottom of each essay we present the next and previous essay for easy access to you visitors.

The navigation presents the featured image for the essay together with the title and an excerpt.


Album covers

You can now choose from three different headers for your album listing: one plain text and one displaying the first cover of the album together with album info.
The third option is to hide the covers totally.

Image grid Aspect ration

Default is 1:1, but you can change it to "what ever you want". As long as you choose any of:

  • 1:1 *
  • 2:1
  • 3:2
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:10

This can be set individually to Albums, Album, Favorites, Contents, Sets, Timeline and Tags

Image geolocation

If you have set the geoloaction for your photos, a link to map overlay will be shown.
Example (Visa på kartan: Visa)

Favorite and Contents covers

We pick up the settings from the above and displays an image cover or none at all.

In contents.lens and favorites.lens we pick up the first image loaded. This way you will always display a fresh picture for your visitors.


Site Search

O2xyGen comes shipped with it's own built in search engien, that is powered by Google Search to ensure that you will provide your visitors with the best search result possible from you site.

The search function is accessable from anywhere of your site via the integrated search button that you will find either below the menu icon or directly inside the slide-in menu, this to ensure that your visitors always will be able to access it if needed.

As with most other features of O2xyGen, your in charge and can choose to disable the search alltogther at will.

Community Center

O2xyGen gives you instant access to almost every resource that the community has to offer: directly from inside the admin console!

Community Center

Editorial images

I believe that O2xyGen is the first free theme ever to support this feature!
Ability to hide/sort out "editorial images" from contents.lens, content.lens and timeline.lens. Giving you the freedom to really make your O2xyGen/Koken site standout from the others.

Enable the editorial setting, type in what image category (or categories). Assign the category to your editorial images and the are gone from public listings.


You have three different to choose from!

  1. no footer. *
  2. small footer: displaying your contact info and copyright
  3. big footer: displaying contact info together with an avatar, your copyright and links to: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, 500px and Pinterest together with icons for the RSS feed for essays and contents.
    Contact info and copyright can be given different page-id in settings, giving you the ability to link visitors to a contact page and a page for your copyright text.

Album download ready

O2xyGen supports the album download function right out of the box.

Scroll to top

The option to enable a "scroll back to the top button" is built in to O2xyGen, so no need for any extra plugin.

Infinite loading

No more clicking "next page" all pages now support infinite loading.
You decide how much content is loaded to begin with.

Lazy loading

All images that loads through O2xyGen now goes through lazy loading.
Making your site appear even more responsive in the eyes of your visitors.


Images opens up in lightbox, but you can change this to the more traditional image-page if needed.
A custom lightbox.lens is shipped with O2xyGen, giving you an overlay with the image tags, EXIF and some IPCT-data.
The "pictureinfo-button" is hidden from smaller devices and can be turned of in settings.

Meaningful Error Pages

O2xyGen comes with a custom error.lens with the most common error codes/pages: so your visitors knows what went wrong.

Even the "famous" error: 418 is supported "out-of-the-box".

PhotoSwipe ready

O2xyGen is fully compatible with Daniel Mullers excellent lightbox replacement: PhotoSwipe.
As of PhotoSwipe v1.6.1 there is native support for O2xyGen built in.
O2xyGen is the first theme outside the koken.me sphere that PhotoSwipe supports "out of the box"!

OxyGen Slideshow

Built in support for OxyGen Slideshow together with bigflannel Slideshow Embed.

Disqus ready

Comments through the Diqus plugin, settings to enable it in: pages, albums, images and essays.

Password protect ready

Shipped with O2xyGen is simple but elegant login.lens to go with the Password protect plugin from Koken store.


O2xyGen looks great right out-of-the-box without any customization, but chances are you'll want to adjust its appearance to make it more your style. So, I've include a wide range of editable settings for those who'd like to tweak the theme more to their liking. Like all Koken themes, edits to O2xyGen's layout, typography, color and everything else is handled through an integrated settings panel that requires no coding or HTML experience.


O2xyGen is white with black text by default, but you can change this how ever you want throughout the the entire theme.

To fine-tune these colors more to your liking, scroll to the bottom of the panel until you reach Color. Editable color swatches are provided here for you to make edits.

Every aspect of O2xyGen is customizable via the theme settings panel: If for any reason you need to revert back to the standard white and black, you can do this by selecting "Default" from the “Style” dropdown.

Style option


This sets the default language for your public site.

Language option

Site title


The first thing you'll probably want to edit is the title of your site. This is controlled by “Site title”, in the settings panel. The title is displayed as text by default, which you can customize by selecting a different typeface or applying different type styles. If you'd like to display an image instead, switch Type to "Image" or “Combi". The panel will update to show options for images (see below).

Site title


Create your logo and upload the image to your web server or any place you can link to, then enter the image's URL in the Image URL field. We recommend using absolute (http://) links, not relative (/) links when assigning a URL. After that you should see your logo in the page.


This option gives you your logo on the front page: and then switches to a combination of text and logo on the other pages.

Site title combi

Create a smaller version of your logo (works best if this version has a scaling of 1:1), upload it to the same place where you placed the logo.

Then enter the image's URL in to the "Combi URL" field.

Here it's important that you do not use a relative URL: use the absolute (http://) url to the image.

Note: if you leave the "Combi URL" empty, O2xyGen will use just your ordinary text Site title".


O2xyGen comes with four different menu alternatives to choose from!

All are highly customizable down to font size, color, and placement.


The regular menu is your standard "Fly out" menu style.

regular menu


This is the more traditional way of showing your nav links at the top of the page

Expanded menu

Slide in right/left

Gives you hidden vertical menus which become visible when clicking on the "Menu" icon.

Slide in menu

This option also incorporates support for nested sets.

This is unchecked by default. Set links displays a page which contains the albums and sets inside the set. Check this option, and the behavior will change in that child albums and sets appear underneath the set link in navigation. The child links are offset a bit to distinguish them from other links, which you can edit with the nested indent slider.

Note: When using nested sets, make sure you click ”add”, next to each album/set inside the set in the “Add links” window. Otherwise the set link won't display any child links.

Nested sets in library

Splash page

O2xyGen includes three(!) "Splash" sources (example) for displaying full screen slideshows of featured content. They're intended to be used for the front page of your site to provide visitors with an introductory overview of your best work.

Splash page options

Featured content

Displays images marked as featured in the Library. Drag/drop images onto "Featured" at the top of the Library's left column to add. This slideshow advances through images when clicked.

Featured albums

Displays albums marked as featured in the Library. Drag public albums from the left or middle columns onto "Featured albums" to add. This slideshow displays a featured album's content when clicked.


Displays images marked as favorites in the library. Drag/drop images onto "Favorites" at the top of the Library's left column to add.

To change the slideshow's speed, as well as other slideshow attributes, click the “gear” icon at the top right side of the UI.

Nav arrows

This shows a set of next/previous arrows in the middle of the splash page. If the source contains more than one image, they are hidden automatically.

Auxiliary Links

Shows a set of featured/legal links in the lower right side of the splash page. These links are visible solely on this page.


Essay sidebar

O2xyGen now comes with a fully customiziable sidebar that displays related tags, categoriers, topics and featuered essays.
All of the different parts can be disabled at will through the theme settings panel.

Essay navigation

At the bottom of each essay you will also find a navigation bar that displays the previous/next essays title, excerpt and featured img.
As usuall with O2xyGen You'r in charge of what you want to display here to!


O2xyGen comes with a timeline that is fully customizable by you!

New albums

You now have to options to display the output for newly created albums as:

  • As a slideshow
  • As a grid (Default)
  • Cover only

Updated albums

For updated albums you have the options as:

  • As a slideshow
  • As a grid (Default)
  • The old way, as a list

Site Search

O2xyGen's built in search can be customized to look exactly as you want it to be.

Footer options


O2xyGen comes with three different footer options for you to choose from.

Footer options

The default is to show no footer at all, but you can change this to either "Small footer" or "Big footer"

Small footer

This option gives a minimal footer that displays your contact information and copyright, together with social links, essay’s and RSS feed.

Small Footer options

The contact info and copyright can be given a "Page Id" that can point to your contact form and a page that contains your copyright information.

Small Footer options

This page id can be obtained by visiting: Admin->Text->Pages and then click on the page you want to link to. In the upper right corner you will have "Properties" This is where you will see the ID.

Big footer

Here we give you a "full blown corporate style" page footer

You gain all the options from above, plus an extra set of footer links that you can assign in the FOOTER navigation group.

This also gives you further social link options to use such as 500px, Instagram and Pinterest.

Small Footer options

Note: The user information for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is automatically taken from: Admin->Settings->Administrator

If you haven’t set anything there, these options will not show on the page.


Misc options group


Included with O2xyGen, you have upload.lens, which is a public page where you can upload images directly to Koken from any of your devices!

Uploads settings

In fact, you can also give those who visit your site, the ability to upload their images as well! But only with your permission. The default is set for just the admin to have this privilege.

Editorial Images

This option is for the admin who wants to use images as "Editorial resources” that will not be included in the Portfolio.

Editorial Images Settings

These can be images that you want to use as "header banners" or images that are used inside of pages and/or essays.

Enabling this option and giving said images a category set here, will hide them from public view, but they will still be seen in the pages or essays.

PhotoSwipe Integration

The excellent PhotSwipe plugin from Daniel Mullner has the option to show both a simple as well as a more complex caption when viewing images.

PhotoSwipe Settings

Here, you can choose to enable this, without the need to edit a .lens file yourself.


When you do publish your site, consider sharing it with us! I would love to include it on this page for others to check out.


License type




You can always see the latest version running at varoystrand.se
The site is in Swedish but you'll be able to get a grasp of how the theme is working and looking.

A german version can be see over at bay3r.de

A "real" test page can be found at kokensupport.com.



By Laurent Bonniec
La diffusion de cette image est autorisée si vous me citez (Laurent MENORA) en tant qu'auteur.



By Christopher Bay3r
Bilder & Impressionen von Christopher Bay3r



By Bjarne Varöystrand
Hej! Jag heter Bjarne Varöystrand och föddes 1967 på en av öarna utanför Bergen.



By Frank Schaffert
People und Objektfotografie.



By Douglas R Bain
Doug Bain Headshots, wedding photographer, event photographer, photojournalist.



By Evert Meulie
My first steps with the Sony α7R II.



By Ingmar Wein
Photographer from the south of Germany. Specialised in Portrait, Fashion, Action and Landscapes.



By Hannes Happle



  • [UPDATED] Updated Russian, Polish, Icelandic & Hungarian.
  • [UPDATED] Resolved a rendering issues with Split View mode in iOS.
  • [UPDATED] External links are now styled so visitors gets an idea that the link goes off site.
  • [UPDATED] Tweeked the cart button texts a bit more to my liking.
  • [UPDATED] Some minor readaility changes was done througout the theme.

  • [NEW] Added a estimated reading, inspired from medium.com, time to Essays.
  • [NEW] Album, Favorites & Contents: If download of a image is enabled, a download icon is presented on the image.
  • [FIXED] A problem where the background img in the Essay pagination would not hide.
  • [FIXED] Resolving a conflict with the coming Cartv1.0.4.
  • [FIXED] Some embarising CSS typos.
  • [UPDATED] prerender & prefetch was added to content & essay headers to, hopefully, speed up page rendering a bit more.
  • [UPDATED] Splash page slide show order was changed to random as default.

  • [FIXED] Album cover date now adhere if relative dates is in use.
  • [FIXED] index.lens slideshow nav was not showing at all in Chrome.
  • [FIXED] index.lens slideshow nav was showing even if the slideshow only contained one image.
  • [UPDATED] Support for Tumblr was added to the social footer links.
  • [UPDATED] Combined all the social footer icons in to one sprite cutting down the total number of request sent to the server with 26!.
  • [UPDATED] index.lens inline JS is now minified.

  • [FIXED] Page and essay titles is now printed as they should again.

  • [FIXED] An issue when using the regular menu the current menu item would "jump in to place".
    Credits to David Mercier for pointing this out
  • [FIXED] An issue in the album covers where the down arrow would be placed below the window fold when using the expanded menu.
    Credits to David Mercier for pointing this out
  • [FIXED] An issue where the slideshow gear icon was covered by the expanded menu/menu icon.
    Credits to David Mercier for pointing this out
  • [FIXED] Footer menu items shifted upwards, and is now properly centered horizontaly
  • [FIXED] Fixed validation errors against Google structured data testing tool.
    Thanks to Evert Meulie for taking time to report this.
  • [UPDATED] Small adjustments was done to the paragraph output.

  • [FIXED] content.lens An issue where the exif div, in some cases, would get a horizontal scrollbar.
  • [FIXED] Footer menu is now scrollable on small devices.
  • [FIXED] Headers in album.lens now loads the info as it should.
  • [UPDATED] Global headers now contain the sites copyright info.
  • [UPDATED] Headers in essays and pages was updated with page/essays published and modified date.
  • [UPDATED] Footer links are now highlighted on mouse hover.
  • [UPDATED] The social footer icons gained some further love, and should now behaive and display as intended no mather how many icons you have in the footer.

  • [NEW] We introduced a new way of handling the coming updates via a central, password protected, downloads area.
    Usernames and passwords will be distributed to all registered users.
  • [FIXED] An issue where the index slideshow would not load after the browser recived 304 (not modified) for the footer social icons.
  • [FIXED] content.lens the next/previous arrows was aligned to close to the top and hard to use on smaller devices.
  • [FIXED] Footer social icons is now more properly distributed, even when only showing one or two social links.
  • [UPDATED] Download link in the update dialog now points to our new "Downloads manager"

  • [FIXED] The search form was still displayed when disabling search.
  • [FIXED] Update dialogs "Download link" now point to the right forum thread.
  • [UPDATED] Auxiliary links got some love, and there visibility is now better.
  • [UPDATED] Login dialogs header is now properly centered.

v3.0.0 Final2016-04-01
  • [FIXED] lightbox.lens A issue where the pic info modal didn't get the right height.
  • [UPDATED] page.lens Images inserted with mherbst-insert-thumbs-plugin now behave as expeted.
  • [UPDATED] header.html got a new language meta to identify what language used on the site.
  • [UPDATED] Paragraphs inside blockquotes got some handling and now looks a bit better.
  • [UPDATED] Search can now be disabled completely.
  • [UPDATED] search.lens Removed unneccesary koken:load
  • [UPDATED] All CSS and javascript are now minimized.

  • [NEW] Built in support for OxyGen Slideshow together with bigflannel Slideshow Embed was added.
  • [FIXED] The update dialog now works again.

v3.0.0 Preview 22016-03-27
  • [NEW] Built in support for OxyGen Slideshow together with bigflannel Slideshow Embed was added.
  • [NEW] The first "easter egg" was introduced.
    A lifetime license to whom ever finds it... ;)
  • [FIXED] content.lens fixed an issue where "Also in: album" would not line up correctly
  • [FIXED] content.lens: The titles Camera info and Tags where not properly aligned.
  • [FIXED] content.lens: Video was not properly contained.
  • [FIXED] upload.lens: the upload form did not render when public uploads was enabled.
  • [FIXED] alubum.lens The lazy loading spinner is now shown in albums covers.
  • [FIXED] album.lens: the grey background behind the album grid is now gone.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where iOS users could drag the page outside the viewport
  • [UPDATED] Headers in pages.essays and essay.lens is now loaded as background images.
  • [UPDATED] Covers in pages, essays and essay can now have there sizes changed.
  • [UPDATED] Expanded menu got a small update and is now IMHO usefull
  • [UPDATED] search was added to the error.lens making it even more meaningfull then before.
  • [UPDATED] The EXIF icons got some love, and is now better integrated with the overall theme colors.
    All credits to Chris for these ones!
  • [UPDATED] content.lens if photo has geolocation set we show a "open map" link
  • [UPDATED] You can now toggle the login.lens password to plain text.
  • [UPDATED] search.lens is now fully translated.
  • [UPDATED] Hungarian was added to the language options. Credits for this goes to Béla Nagy
  • [UPDATED] Title output was tweeked a bit.

  • [FIXED] Fixing the flickering seen in Chrome
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where images was flashing on hover in albums grid when vied in latest FF (45)

v3.0.0 Preview 12016-03-13
  • [NEW] Site search powered by Google was added.
  • [FIXED] An issue where the upload form didnt display on iOS
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where images was flashing on hover in albums grid when vied in latest FF (45)
  • [FIXED] Fixed flicker issue in albums grid in chrome
  • [UPDATED] All javascripts now follow the same version syntax as the theme itself.

  • [NEW] Comment counts can now be displayed above "+ Show comments".
  • [NEW] Option to download whole albums was added to album.lens and content.lens
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the copyright and contact info was underlined in IE
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Safari didn't catch the border-radius correct.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the tags & category div took up place even when those where not enabled for essays.lens
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Koken could get confused and didn't include the aside-fix.css
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where the "loading more" msg was wrapped in to two lines.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a typo in the template section of info.json.
  • [FIXED] Uploads no longer writes to the console.log.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the aside-fix.css was included even if aside where not enabled.
  • [FIXED] Footer: The footer avatar is now aligned better with the name & address.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the next_label had the wrong value.
  • [FIXED] License dialog is now centered correctly on the page.
  • [FIXED] Slideshow navigation items color where hardcoded. Color can now be set in the theme settings panel.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where the scroll to top would be covered by the footer.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the copyright and address was underlined in Safari.
  • [FIXED] Removed the bind to key, since it's not working as expected in content.lens.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where the album container would shrink to 0px height if no album cover was found.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the first img in a essay was missplaced if aside was enabled but not the sharing icons.
  • [FIXED] Socail Sharing icons is no longer displayed inside Password protected albums.
  • [FIXED] Fixed and issue in content.lens when a img had both tags and categories assaigned, where the categories div forced camera info and image info down
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where div.bild-caption was assaigned wrong float
  • [UPDATED] content.lens Image title is no longer displayed above the image, for those that want to display it anyway use custom CSS: .k-lens-content article.entry display:block;
  • [UPDATED] content.lens Images in portrait mode no longer require scrolling to view the whole image
  • [UPDATED] All font related CSS is now minified
  • [UPDATED] Socail Sharing icons is no longer displayed inside Password protected albums.
  • [UPDATED] Koken version required was raised to 0.22.0 due to the album download option
  • [UPDATED] error.lens now shows the correct title.
  • [UPDATED] Colors of buttons and text in the lightbox is now editable
  • [UPDATED] Uploads: starting to get atleast some styling to it.
  • [UPDATED] Uploads: added a filetyp check to avoid files not allowed.
  • [UPDATED] Uploads: We moved the upload settings from Misc to "Template->Upload Settings"
  • [UPDATED] Uploads: Moved the koken:note and added some extra explaining text to make it more "user friendly".
  • [UPDATED] Eased up the theme settings panel a bit more.
  • [UPDATED] Community Center now takes advantege of scrdoc where it is supported.
  • [UPDATED] Community Center now takes advantage of koken:link to.
  • [UPDATED] Footer: The name prefix is now only displayed when hovering the address/name info.
  • [UPDATED] Footer: Removed the border that surrounded the footer avatar.
  • [UPDATED] Footer: We now use the name set in Settings->Admininstrator
  • [UPDATED] Footer: It's now possible to select your country from a ordinary Select instead of typing it in.
  • [UPDATED] Footer: "Built with OxyGen" is back again! Can be turned of in the footer settings.
  • [UPDATED] Dutch translation was corrected.
    Credits to Ilco Everraert (fotografie.graphixmedia.nl) for this.
  • [UPDATED] Added hyphens: auto; to let the language set in admin detarmain the right hyphen to use.
  • [UPDATED] ScrollToTop offset was raised to 700px to avoid the button to show up when it's not needed.
  • [UPDATED] ScrollToTop duration was raised to 1000milisecond to make the travel up a bit smoother.

  • [NEW] Added a scroll to top option to Navigation.
  • [NEW] Option to set the menu button style was added.
  • [NEW] Option to choose what page divider that is used.
  • [NEW] Twitter timeline was added to the Essay aside.
  • [NEW] You can now set the correct? format for the address in the footer (EU, UK & US).
  • [NEW] Option to use relative dates.
  • [FIXED] Media rules where rewritten.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the display of videos without thumbnails in timeline.lens
  • [FIXED] Form errors are now displayed as expected.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the login form didn't scale down on smaller devices.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where if you inserted a img as the first object of an essay: everything was forced below the aside.
  • [UPDATED] Switching to use Kokens built in FontAwesome since they now include the latest in the core.
  • [UPDATED] Moved all our JavaScript to the footer to further optimize the rendering.
  • [UPDATED] Raised minimun required Koken version to 0.21.14

  • [NEW] Introduced the Community Center, a "one-click-access" to every community resource that we have to offer: including the newly introduced feed-back-center for Koken.
  • [FIXED] Removed a lot of redundant resources that is no longer in use
  • [FIXED] Fixed the video output
  • [UPDATED] Eased up the theme settings panel

  • [NEW] Added a new settings group: Lightbox
  • [NEW] Added option to enable/disable sharing in lightbox.
    Each sharing option can be disabled/enabled at will.
  • [NEW] Option to set the Max width for the lightbox images was added.
  • [NEW] Option to hide the play slideshow.
  • [NEW] Option to set the Close button on the bottom of the lightbox.
  • [NEW] Option to turn of "Show captions"
  • [NEW] Two styles where added for Lightbox: Black and white.
  • [NEW] Secondary/Legal links now got it's final name: Auxiliary links
  • [NEW] Added the "missing languages" (Machine translated for now): now we need them translated!
  • [NEW] The slide-show arrows on index.lens got them self some love.
    What slideshow arrow that is used can be set in the settings panel.
  • [NEW] Social links got a "revamp" and earned them selfs a nav group.
    Giving you the power of what links to display "down-there"
    Built in support for:
    • 500px
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • RSS feeds
    • Skype
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
    • Vimeo
    • Xing
    • YouTube

    This means that if your links in this navigation group contains any of the above domains: the right icon will be displayed in front of the text.
  • [NEW] upload.lens now lets you set max download size for the uploaded images:
    • medium
    • large
    • xlarge
    • huge
    • original
  • [NEW] upload.lens now lets you set what visibility the images should have in the library:
    • Public
    • unlisted
    • private
  • [NEW] upload lens now fully support the 6 different Creative Commons licenses:
    • Commercial
      • Allow commercial use? (Yes)
      • Allow modifications? (Yes)
    • Commercial-ShareAlike
      • Allow commercial use? (Yes)
      • Allow modifications? (Yes, as long as others share alike)
    • Commercial-NoDerivs
      • Allow commercial use? (Yes)
      • Allow modifications? (No)
    • NonCommercial
      • Allow commercial use? (No)
      • Allow modifications? (Yes)
    • NonCommercial-ShareAlike
      • Allow commercial use? (No)
      • Allow modifications? (Yes, as long as others share alike)
    • NonCommercial-NoDerivs
      • Allow commercial use? (No)
      • Allow modifications? (No)
  • [NEW] error.lens got it self a "make-over" with a less intimidating image.
  • [NEW] The tag in header.html now uses to identify what language is used on the site.
    (Ref: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_language_codes.asp)
  • [NEW] Slide show nav buttons now disappear from the view-port if no mouse movement is detected, they will appear again as soon the visitor moves he's mouse.
    (Right and left arrows keys can be used to navigate back and forth in the slideshow)
  • [NEW] Added a "Toggle playback" button to let visitors pause the slideshow.
    (Pressing "Space" toggles the playback)
  • [NEW] Using the html tag: < hr > in pages and essays, now produces the same divider used in timeline.lens
  • [NEW] OxyGen now requires a valid license to run.
  • [NEW] Added a rudimentary image protection function to main.js preventing visitors from right click and drag images.
  • [NEW] content.lens now checks to see if content has a parent album. If so, label pagination links differently
  • [NEW] login.lens got a makeover.
  • [NEW] Added a toggle function to the disqus div that shows and hides the comments: as on wired.com
  • [NEW] You can now set the form colors independently from the rest of the text.
  • [NEW] You can now set the footer colors to your liking.
  • [NEW] The fields Logo URL and combi logo URL now checks to ensure that a valid URL is used.
  • [NEW] The timeline got a revamp: again!
    You can now set how updated & new ablums/sets are displayed:
    Updated albums
    • As a slideshow
    • As a grid (Default)
    • The old way, as a list
    New albums
    • As a slideshow
    • As a grid (Default)
    • Cover only
  • [NEW] Added "view by month" to the timeline.
  • [NEW] Timeline dates are now clickable: taking you to a screen for that particular date.
  • [NEW] Social icons are now displayed in the top of the essays to.
  • [NEW] Added a sidebar containing related tags, categories, topics featured essays to essay.lens
  • [NEW] Added essay pagination to the essay footer.
  • [NEW] You can now set the correct? format for the address in the footer (EU, UK & US)
  • [NEW] Community Center is introduced as a single point of entrance to every resource the community offers directly inside of Koken!
  • [FIXED] The loading spinner is now used in the splash slide show.
  • [FIXED] Social icons in album covers now adhere to the text color.
  • [FIXED] Removed some leftovers from our own language implementation.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a typo in the upload.lens koken:if/koken:else statement
  • [FIXED] Fixed a error where "Please head back to the from page" was only printing out: "front page"
  • [FIXED] We now only include jquery.scrollTo.js and jquery.fittext.js where they are used: and if the album covers are enabled.
  • [FIXED] Removed a unnecessary koken:load from the index.lens slideshow
    Now the fallback text is displayed if the source for the index slide show is empty: i.e No slideshow_source content found. Please assign some in the Library, or choose a different source for your slideshow.
  • [FIXED] The index.lens slideshow now adhere to the overall background color set for the theme.
  • [FIXED] Fixing a problem where album covers had a negative margin-top
    (Issue #40 https://bitbucket.org/kokencommunity/oxygen/issues/40/cover-picture-has-a-negative-top-margin.
  • [FIXED] Fixing a problem where the album covers did not get there height set in px
    (Issue: #41 https://bitbucket.org/kokencommunity/oxygen/issues/41/cover-background-needs-a-size)
  • [FIXED] Fixed the issue where to footer moved upwards on short pages.
    Now it's always forced down to the bottom of the view port.
  • [FIXED] Social share buttons now sticks to the bottom of the page: as one might take for granted.
  • [FIXED] Social links in the footer is now evenly distributed over the width of the container.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the picinfo container (EXIF) overlapped the social sharing icons.
  • [FIXED] Movies is now presented in the right way on content.lens
  • [FIXED] Fixed the bug where the content header had a hard coded background color.
  • [FIXED] The documentation page (oxygen.kokensupport.com) now reflects the current version/state, including the full changelog
  • [FIXED] The image map was removed.
  • [UPDATED] lightbox.lens was updated to be in-sync with the built-in one.
  • [UPDATED] Moved "Show img info" to the new main group "Lightbox".
  • [UPDATED] Reverted back to text based hamburger symbol for the slide in menu icons.
  • [UPDATED] main.js and slide-in-menu.js is now minified to speed up the rendering of OxyGen pages.
  • [UPDATED] The footer gained some more love by optimizing how we print it out, we now have one footer.html that contains both big and small footer.
  • [UPDATED] Swapped the img based sharing icons in pages, essays and covers to text based.
  • [UPDATED] Fixed a bug where any links inside < p > didn't get the right size.
  • [UPDATED] Moved around settings options again, to try to get a better UX.

  • [NEW] Changed the default footer to none.
  • [NEW] Added settings for font sizes through the theme!
  • [NEW] We now truncate the image title in both the overlay(22 chars) and the name_bottom(48chars) to ensure that everything looks ok: even when admin have long image names set.
  • [NEW] The most sizes, colors and fonts can now be set through the theme settings panel.
  • [NEW] Added two new menu choices: "Slide in from the right" and "Slide in from the left". Both these menu options also introduces support for nested sets!
  • [NEW] Added 7 Art fonts to the settings: Architects Daughter, Clicker Script, Gloria Hallelujah, Marck Script, Meie Script, Pinyon Script, Tangerine.
  • [NEW] Changed the category icon.
  • [NEW] A extra "Nav group" was added with links to OxyGen resources and KCS.
  • [NEW] Moved Splash page settings to it's own settings group.
  • [NEW] It's now possible to set Max and Min size of the contents and favorites title: as done in the albums cover.
  • [NEW] We now recognize if the content page is a a "Vimeo contents" page: and reflect that in the content title.
  • [NEW] contents.lens and favorites.lens now has option to set a plain text cover: as in albums and sets.
  • [NEW] Added #set_{ { album.id } } to set.lens and #album_{ { album.id } } to album.lens to be able to target specific albums/sets with custom CSS.
    To change one albums cover text color you can now use: #album_2 div.cover_content * { color: black; }
    To change on sets cover text color you can use: #set_2 div.cover_content * { color: black; }
  • [NEW] Changed the default lazy loading-spinner to a svg variant that scales better when user changes the colors of the theme.
  • [NEW] Added #page_{ { page.id } } to be able to target specific pages with custom CSS.
  • [NEW] Added #essay_{ { essay.id } } to be able to target specific essays with custom CSS.
  • [UPDATED] Removed modal.css and instead moved it in to lightbox-settings.css.lens, also added the picinfo.css styles so everything inside to modal is styled correctly.
  • [UPDATED] Removed breadcrumbs from map.lens since the map takes up the whole page when active.
  • [UPDATED] Updated scrollTo.js to the latest version.
  • [UPDATED] Updated FontAwesome to 4.5.0
  • [UPDATED] Consolidated settings for featured img banners, the use of discus plugin and how much contents to load.
  • [UPDATED] Legal links got renamed to "Secondary links".
  • [UPDATED] Changed from koken:pop to using koken:first in contents.lens: this since koken:pop removes that picture from the loop.
  • [UPDATED] Changed from koken:shift to using koken:first in favorites.lens: this since koken:shift removes that picture from the loop.
  • [FIXED] The forms where fixed and you can now see what you type.
    Credits to michaelk129 for pointing this out.
  • [FIXED] Added form input[type="submit"] to the "form input{}" to ensure that form buttons comes out as expected.
  • [FIXED] Added same padding to the bottom, as in top, of .social_cover (displays the sharing icons in various places).
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the contents of .picinfodetail in the picture info looked "cramped together if the lines spanned over more the one line.
  • [FIXED] Added the missing error routes that Koken supports internally.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the timeline divider didn't center correctly on the page, if you used a max-width larger then 750px.
  • [FIXED] Tweaked to output of the album covers a bit: the content area is now 90% instead of 50% dus allowing even bigger text. The scroll arrow got a tweak since it was not entirely centered.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a issue where the grid img was not animated on hover when using overlay and name_bottom.

  • [FIXED] Fix for the mobile menu not being scrollable!
    Credits goes to Ingmar Wein for taking time to report this to us!

  • [NEW] Added a "dummy logo" that is shown until admin inputs a valid logo src
  • [NEW] Font Awesome Fonts are now included with OxyGen
  • [NEW] Added option to enable uploads to the public.
  • [NEW] It's now possible to change the colors used in the theme: background and font colors.
  • [UPDATED] Removed unused img resources, together with all the custom error images, these where replaced with a generic error.png to cut down on the download size.
  • [UPDATED] Streamlined and cleaned up error.lens there where a lot of code repeated over and over.
  • [FIXED] The current link is now differentiated in the footer menu to
  • [FIXED] When changing menu type: the change is now displayed correctly in the admin preview to
  • [FIXED] Categories was missing from the picinfo.html
  • [FIXED] Fixed the alignment of the EXIF info in picinfo.html: it now aligns with the information below:
    Credits goes to Anki Sanding (ansaphotography.se) for pointing this out.
  • [FIXED] Added some "no-cache" headers to the upload.lens to prevent browsers to cache it locally.
  • [FIXED] Added a custom title to upload.lens since it otherwise would be recognized as "contents".
  • [FIXED] Fixed the mobile menu not being scrollable on mobile devices!
    Credits goes toIngmar Wein (ingmarwein.com) for pointing this out
  • [FIXED] Moved all @import CSS in to the settings.css.lens: and that way making them cached.
  • [FIXED] Cover title now adheres to letter spacing set under album cover settings.

  • [NEW] Fully compatible with Kokens new internationalization
  • [NEW] Added routes for our custom templates
  • [NEW] Now supports PhotoSwipes custom captions: both the simple and the more advanced
  • [NEW] The contact email was changed to better reflect the coming changes
  • [NEW] Site title font was changed to Oxygen
  • [NEW] Changed to ratio scaling for the header banners in page.lens, essays.lens and essay.lens to 1.5:0.3 instead of 3:1. This to preserves some space: and get a better look.
  • [NEW] Added a new preview image
  • [NEW] Added upload.lens that admin can enable in the settings panel: as of now you need to be logged in to Koken Admin to be able to use the upload.
  • [NEW] Twitter cards is added to the headers
  • [NEW] Breadcrumbs was added: enables in the settings panel->Template
  • [NEW] The spinner/loading images is changed
  • [NEW] It is now possible to change the loading image/spinner in the settings panel
  • [UPDATED] The minimum Koken version required is now raised to 0.21.5
  • [UPDATED] Settings are now rearranged and grouped to ease up the Settings panel a bit
  • [FIXED] Now the Tags and Category headers are hidden in both essays and essay to get a cleaner look
  • [FIXED] Gone through the settings.css.lens and cleaned it up a bit
  • [FIXED] Menu no longer shifts upwards on unlisted pages
  • [FIXED] Fixed the footer where it sometimes was to big and shifted around.
  • [FIXED] tags.lens has gotten a full overhaul: and is now useful
  • [FIXED] categories.lens has gotten a full overhaul: and is now useful
  • [FIXED] p.time now adheres to the color settings in the album cover
  • [FIXED] map.lens is now "cleaned up"
  • [FIXED] The EXIF/Picture info modal now shows in lightbox.lens again

  • Removed the Donation message
  • Fixed a bug in the footer
    Issue #105

  • Complete overhaul of timeline.lens
    Issue #57 #74
  • Related tags and categories can now be shown in essay.lens and essays.lens.
  • Option to enable/disable this can be found in the theme setting panel: Template
    Issue #38 #39 #59
  • The header in content and favorites.lens now display the right name depending on which of them your viewing
    Issue #75
  • Breadcrumbs are added to: timeline, tags, tag, categories, category, error.lens
    Issue #56 #58 #59 #81
  • These can be enabled from the settings pane independently
  • Fixed lightbox.lens was out of scope for show_exif
    Since i cant "scope" lightbox.lens the showing of the picture info modal has moved a separate setting
    Issue #83
  • You can now set in what lens file lightbox should be fired
    Issue #84
  • Cleaned up the map.lens
    Issue #90
  • content_cover.html now adhere the down arrow settings
    Issue #97
  • You can now set where the image name should be displayed:
    • As a overlay (default)
    • Beneath the image
    • Or not at all
      Issue #21
  • German translation fixed
    Issue #91

  • Swedish translation
  • Automatic version check! (Cred: @Hard-One )
    Now OxyGen preforms a check if your running the latest version, if not you will be notified (in Admin->Site->Home) with the option to jump over to the OxyGen thread.
    An option to preform a automatic install as the themes from koken.me is "in the works"
  • Categories and tags got them self a new style, and is now fully functional!
  • Essay.lens now also displays the tags and categories assigned
  • The bug in IE where the image grid in album.lens and albums.lens only showing two columns instead of three is fixed (Cred: @iamdave210 )
  • Moved around some "stuff" in content.lens to make sure images is displayed as expected
  • Fixed a bug where the "donation pop-up" did not display if there where no images in the assigned Pulse source (Cred: @Hard-One )
  • EXIF settings can now be set individually for each template
  • Added fixed size to the footer containers, so things docent move around the whole screen.
  • Removed references to PJAX, since this is not used.
  • Social icons in footer is now centered

  • German translation!
  • Option to change the style of the down arrow in the covers.
  • Option to change min & max size together with letter spacing in album cover title.
  • Image map added, outputs the 100 latest images on a map. Settings for the map can be found in the theme setting pane (Misc). A example map can be seen here: http://varoystrand.se/map/
  • albums.lens make it clear that the link refers to an album.
  • Fixing bug #30 categories.lens shows no content.
    categories.lens now shows content from images. essays and albums. Still need to polish the output a bit, but it is functional as of now.
  • Fixing the menu bug that been there since the Norma-days.
  • Various bugs and things "not worth mentioning"
  • Fixed the bug where content.lens wont show the image if "hide editorial images" was not enabled: https://github.com/BlackSkorpio/OxyGen/ ... 2#comments

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v2.0.6 that affected the setting of album cover font color and opacity.

  • Added some "logic" to the combi title option.
    Now it checks if there is any image attached, if not it uses the ordinary site title css.
  • Made some minor changes to the sets.lens to clarify that we are clicking on a album: not an image.
  • Added option to turn of date in album.lens
  • Added option to turn of the donation box (if you have donated... ;) )
  • Extended the album cover options, you can now set the background opacity and text color your self.

  • Replaced hardcoded stuff with variables
  • Removed the tar.gz archives since 99% downloads the .zip file
  • Added option to donate directly from the theme it self (this is ONLY visible to the admin, your visitors wont see anything!!!!!)

  • tags.lens now uses infinite loading and listens to the load limit set in admin
  • tagline settings does nothing for the moment: it docent play well with the slidein sidebar menu: so i deactivated the tagline
  • Fixed some spelling errors in info.json
  • Tweaked the credit links to make them even less intrusive for those who like to show them
  • Stopped using Githubs own archives for releases since they contain periods (.) that makes Koken not load the theme

  • Added a third logo/site title option that is a combination of them both
    On index the logo is displayed, on all other pages the site title with a smaller logo inline is displayed.
    This combination option can be seen on varoystrand.se
  • Option to set the logo/site title to fixed (it scrolls with the page) or absolute (it stays when scrolling down the page).
  • Added a opacity setting to logo, sitetitle, sitetitle combination and the regular menu.
  • Added a fallback text to the slideshow if now content is found in the chosen source.
  • New menu options: The regular menu collapsed (default), The regular menu expanded, A slidein sidebar that automatically expand/collapse on mouse over/out (very experimental use it at your own risk) This is a option in the theme settings
  • Tags are now fully functional!
  • Album grid: It's now possible to disable the imagename when hovering over.
  • Fixed a bug with Editorial images that rendered a blank content.lens if hide_editorial_img was false (default).
  • Footer: Fixed a formatting bug when not filling out any personal info.
  • OxyGen is fully compatible with Daniel Mullers excellent lightbox replacement: PhotoSwipe.
  • Changed the credit url for OxyGen to point to the documentation page on varoystrand.se instead of the root.
    Credit now also displays the theme description on mouse over.
  • Fixed some JS-errors that haunted me.
  • The timeline got a minor update: hens the timeline divider...

  • added one more aspect ratio

  • Added a third logo/site title option that is a combination of them both On index the logo is displayed, on all other pages the site title with a smaller logo inline is displayed. This combination option can be seen on varoystrand.se
  • Option to set the logo/site title to fixed (it scrolls with the page) or absolute (it stays when scrolling down the page).
  • Added a fallback text to the slideshow if now content is found in the chosen source.
  • Changed the credit url for OxyGen to point to the documentation page on varoystrand.se instead of the root.
  • Credit now also displays the theme description on mouse over.

  • Added a third nav group that is display in the lower right of the index page to let German users comply with regulations in a easy and non-obtrusive way.

  • Update README.md

  • Missed to add "settings and icon" to a segment!

  • Fixed harcoded RSS labels in footer
  • Added option to disable images open in lightbox
  • Moved around some settings
  • Album categories should work now?
  • Images settings


  • OxyGen is officially released to the public
  • Removed splash templates
    And moved slideshow source to settings

Norma (pre OxyGen)

  • Added featured image to the header of pages, to keep consistency with essays (this can be turned of)
  • Added the featured image for the essay to the Essays listing
  • Set the opacity of the album name overlay, so you now still can see the coverpicture of the album
  • Added the img name to an overlay (as in the above)
  • Added lazy loading for album images
  • Spinner is now displayed while images is loaded
  • Added lazy loading to the images
  • Same title overlay as in albums
  • Clicking a image now opens the image directly in lightbox
  • Spinner is now displayed while images is loaded
  • Added footer to pages: two different to choose from, a big footer that is more graphic and a small footer only containing some contact info and copyright.
  • Added infinite loading to all pages loading content. When you reach the end of a page it now loads next "chunk" of content automatically, a nice loading message is displayed to inform the visitor that new content is loaded
  • Lightbox now contains a picture information box with, EXIF, Copyright, Tags and more
  • Settings for what footer to show, what info to show there
  • Settings to turn of the Disqus plugin on certain pages
  • Setting to turn of the sharing on certain pages
  • Setting to choose how much content to load on every page
  • Now there is check preformed to make sure that norma is running inside latest tested koken.
  • Added a credit overlay to the index.lens (can be turned of in settings) linking back to Koken.me and John.
  • Minor fixes in some lens templates.

  • Dependencies & version required
  • Added dependencies to footer settings
  • Also added koken version required to ensure that norma only runs on systems with the latest tested koken version
  • Fixed categories and tags
 Bjarne Varöystrand